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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring Lawn Care Tips

There are many Sping Lawn Care Tips out there , although cleaning up your yard may seem like a “no brainer ” there are a few simple tips that you need to keep in mind.

1) Get all the debris rock gravel & sticks off the turf

2) Fertilize all planting beds with a good 10- 10- 10-  fertilizer   Do NOTuse lawn fertilizer this will cause an major over growth especially in perennial plants.  This is due to the high nitrogen level.

3) Aerate your lawn, this will help reduce soil compaction, and provide passageways for air water and nutrients.  This is the most import spring lawn care tip of all

4)Apply a pre-emergent to you turf. This will help kill all the seed before they have a chance to germinate.  Read the instructions before you put down application.

5) If you are going to plant anything  don’t jump the gun, WAIT until mothers day weekend that way your safe from any  surprise frosts.

For more Spring Lawn Care Tips any many other seasonal tips contact Lindstrom Lawn Care & Landscaping   We serve Antioch, Lake Villa, Illinois & Salem & Bristol, Wisconsin.


How to Fertilize Your Lawn – Antioch, Illinois

As the weather gets nicer, plants begin to grow including weeds and you should know how to fertilize your lawn for summer.  Simply going to your local hardware store and buying fertilizer to apply to your lawn twice a year isn’t enough. You need to have a lawn care plan, consider the following points…

  • The main reason for having a good lawn care plan is to make sure N-P-K-  Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium, is distributed at the proper rate.  Not enough or too much is no good.
  • Hardware stores charge retail price for fertilizer, where as landscape contractors work to get a wholesale price.  Also alot of the hardware stores do not carry, commercial grade products.
  • Also remember if herbicides are being applied it requires a license by the state. If you would like and estimate on a lawncare plan, in Antioch, Lake Villa, or Lindenhurst, Illinois. Please click here.


With spring right around the corner it is a great time to Aerate.  Lawn Aeration is a great service to do to your lawn. Lindstrom Lawn Care & Landscaping aerates in Antioch, Illinois.

Compacted soil is one of the major causes of a unhealthy lawn. This is caused by heavy foot traffic, machines, and such.  Aeration is a very beneficial service you can provide that reduces this. This process removes soil cores, forming holes that provide passageways for air, water and nutrients. After aeration done is a great time to overseed (overseeding usally is done in fall) the lawn to build it thicker and greener. All of this will lead to better plant growth. Call Lindstrom Lawn Care & Landscaping today to find out more about  Aeration, in Antioch, Illinois and surrounding areas.  or click here for a FREE estimate.


Low Maintenance Perennials

Looking to add a few plants to your landscape this year? Why not something low maintenance.  Here are a few popular plants that will take very little effort to maintain.

Echinacea- Cone Flower

Blooms: Summer

Flowers : Purple, White, Orange, Yellow, Pink

A drought tolerant perennial, native to the midwestern and southeastern United States. Flowers are arranged individually on sturdy, elongated stems with  purple petals surrounding an iridescent red-orange, coned center. Prefers full sun to partial shade in fertile, well-drained soils.


Blooms: Mid Summer

Flowers: Purple or white

Hostas come in hundreds of varieties many different sizes, colors, and textures.  These plants are grown for their foliage, and are a great shade plant.  Hosta bulbs should be divided about every three years.


Blooms: Around Memorial Day

Flowers: Pink, White, Red, Yellow

Peony plants bear an attractive, glossy green foliage that reaches 2′-3′ in height with a similar spread. But their popularity is due mainly to their flowers, usually pink, red or white. Other colors and flower types do exist, however. . Peony plants bloom around memorial day.

Iris Siberica Siberian Iris

Blooms: Late Spring

Flowers: Blues, Purples, Whites

This beardless Iris is very easy to grow and looks great throughout the gardening season.   These plants are very hardy, easy to grow, and increase readily.  Average flower size is 3-4″ in diameter and they appear in early summer.  The sword-like leaves are bright green and remain standing for a long time.

Heuchera Corell Bells

Blooms: Late Spring/Early Summer

Flowers: White, Pink, Red

Coral Bells begin blooming in early June and don’t stop until the end of August.   Will grow in any well-drained alkaline soil.  Even though they tolerate a couple hours of shade, best results are achieved when grown in full sun.   


Winter Pruning

Winter is a great time for pruning your trees and shrubs, because insects are not out to transmit disease.  You will not have guests outside so this time of year you can prune your plants severely.  If you are a do it yourself landscaper get outside on a nice winter day and go for it!


You want to take out any abnormal growths such as crown gall.  Fertilizer is good for the health of the plant but this should be done during the growing season.  Watch out or winter plant damage from snow, ice, and salt, for more information read our blog on Winter Plant Damage.


Keep trees limbed in a nice canopy.  All of the “suckers” coming up from the ground should be cut off.  Shrubs should be kept below windows so if you have to take a foot off that hedge growing up against your house, don’t worry it will have plenty of time to recover.

To Protect People

You want to make sure that your plants do not block the view of traffic in this can be a problem in medians in newly built subdivisions A nice small tree is planted without thinking ten years later in grows and now is blocking your view when driving. Watch out for these thaese things and if it’s problem prune them.

How to make a clean cut

By making three cuts you will take the weight off the limb before making the third cut so it will be nice and clean.  When pruning in the winter you do not need dressing also known as the “black paint” they use to cover up the pruning cuts.


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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Contractor


Price is not always the main factor. Although we are all looking to save money when hiring a contractor, price should not be how you make your decision.  There should be several other things that influence your decision including their reputation, whether or not they have insurance, and the quality of service the contractor provides.


Make sure the contractor is from a reputable company.  Ask around for others opinions, check local reviews online such as Angies List, Google Places, or Yelp. If a previous client is unsatisfied they will usually go out of their way to let everybody know.


Your contractor should have insurance! Most do, but some don’t. It doesn’t hurt just to ask for a copy of thei insurance license before hiring a contractor.  This could save a lot of headaches down the road.


It’s just the old saying “you get what you pay for” we have all tried to save 20, or 30 bucks and then realized we should have spent the 50 just to get the service done right and save the headache.

The Bottom Line

When searching for a quality respectable contractor you want to get a least three estimates.  Take your time consider the points made above.  These are extremely important because the client is usually responsable for putting a portion of the payment up front (usually for materials). Although a cheap price sounds good, if a contractor or any service business does not have a Reputation, Insurance, or do a Quality job, that can leave you the client, dead in the water.  Although these point are simple I still here stories about people getting “ripped off” please do your homework when hiring contractors.


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